Mark Lauren | Mobility Rx 2 DVD set about You Are Your Own Gym

From the author of You Are Your Own Gym-

Mark Lauren’s mobility workouts are safe, they build strength, burn fat, and improve the mobility of your ankles, hips, and shoulders so you can move effectively in day-to-day life and sports.

I have all of Mark Lauren’s other DVD programs and both his books, and use them all. Mobility RX is a “gentle” workout that slowly progresses through variations that allows your body to open up gently and gradually. I was amazed how limited my flexibility and mobility really was in my shoulders and my hips.

In just a few workouts I see my range of motion has improved. I have used this workout as a stand alone workout, a cooldown after a HIIT workout, and a warmup prior to a “strength” workout. As an aside, I really like the way his programs show what muscle groups are the focus of the “work” you’re about to do, the geek in me likes seeing that, and it does help me evaluate my form and technique.

I really appreciate the fact that Mr. Lauren put out a program to address a real need; improvement in flexibilty and mobility.
I would recommend this workout to anyone and everyone.

With the ability to move your limbs freely around a strong, stable spine, you will be able to move with ease, pain free. The stiffness that comes with age, sedentary living, or too much strength training often causes poor movement patterns that eventually lead to pain and dysfunction.

In Mobility Rx, Lauren guides you rep-for-rep through two workouts that teach you to move with grace, balance, and coordination for a lifetime of peak performance.2 DVDs

The Ultimate aim of every program is to lose fat in particular body fat, while we build muscle and maintain the fat loss for ever. With every bodyweight training session we should be gaining strength  improving our overall body mass, and motivating ourselves into losing fat on what should be or weight loss plan.